– 30 au Burkina

(Veuillez noter que les articles alternent français/anglais).

Could it really be that cold in Burkina Faso? I’ll let the pictures tell the story:


- 30 on a moto
People really do fit three on a moto like this (more like a bicycle with a motor attached) but I haven’t managed that successfully. We’re actually about to fall in this picture.
Cold, cold, cold, ...
Okay, so maybe I look a bit more insane than I do cold here.
Not so cold or after all
I guess with the others not wearing any warm clothing, the jig is up…

Today was the first day that I was put to work! Ali’s challenge was for me to pretend — before I get too homesick — that it was – 30 C in Burkina Faso and share the fun with you guys.

Most Burkinabés are completely amazed to find out that people can live at anything below 0 degrees, let alone – 30. When they say the French (whom they generally think of when they think of the West) are tough, I tell them they have no clue. However, the fact that I found that big coat goes to show that they do indeed get cold: when things go below (+) 20, big coats come out. I’ve been told that the coldest recorded temperature was 12 C, and that when that happens, people can die from the cold.

Today was actually a bit cooler here, it’s gone down from the 40 C it was when I got here. Still, I definitely didn’t need that coat! By April, things are supposed to hover around 40-45 on average – wish me luck!

In the meantime, there are still plenty of days left. If you want to put me to work, check out the schedule for which dates are free, look at the instructions here, and choose a date(s) to hear about and give me a challenge! It can be anything from funny (like this one), to informative, to tough – I’ll give it a shot as long as it doesn’t hinder my work and isn’t dangerous.

Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon!




A propos dbgiacobbi

I am a volunteer with Engineers Without Borders Canada, spending 10 months in Burkina Faso. I work with an agricultural college (Centre Agricole Polyvalent de Matourkou) and a rural development engineering school (l'Institut du Développement Rural). My idea of development is helping people in Burkina Faso Achieve their potential follow their own vision for themselves, for their school and for their country.
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Un commentaire pour – 30 au Burkina

  1. Great challenge!! I had fun making snowballs with the planner from my District in Ghana when we came to conference in Toronto last mongth. 🙂

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